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Who are we?

Two crazy people who live in Stockholm and love everything what has a soul!
Every day we go through the city on bicycles, looking for inspiration.
We collect moments, smiles and those little things which make life so special.
Then Iga weaves between threads those warm thoughts and transform using crochet and yarn into something unique.
In this time Filip takes photos, improves our webisite and helps me to unravel the tangled cords.
This is how we established our magical "factory" of amazing things.
It started with the bike and our small sculpture which we put under the Swedish parliament last summer and it is how we found the name for our company - BIKEandSOUL.

What limits us?

Only your imagination! We really create everything what can be transformed by crocheting into something magical.
If you want to know more about us visit our fanpage, instagram or just open our photo gallery.

Have fun!
Let us wool up your life!

All our products are handmade according to my copyright designs.
Each day brings new ideas that You can be a part of!



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